Vanity Fair Magazine, June, 1933

Includes 'A primer on money' by Jonathan Mithcell, p. 13, 'The Nullification of Senator Borah' by Jay Franklin, p. 16, 'The Stars and Stripes in Moscow' by William C. White, p. 18, 'Herr Hitler and the immemorial Moses' - photograph, p. 23, 'Portrait of a dictator" by George Slocombe, p. 24, 'Impossible Interviews no. 18' by Miguel Covarrubias, p. 25, and 'The Pulps: day dreams for the masses' by Marcus Duffield, p. 26. Please know pages 5-6 & 7-8 were never published. Publishers often allocated initial pages to advertisers, but as the Depression worsened some advertisers failed to commit. As such no June 1933 issue has pages 5-6 & 7-8.; large quarto: 9.75 x 12.75; 64 pages

Title: Vanity Fair Magazine, June, 1933

Author Name: Jonathan Mitchell, Jay Franklin, William C. White, George Slocombe, Marcus Duffield, et al.

Illustrator: Illustrated by Miguel Covarrubias, William Cotton, Garretto, Miguel Covarrubias, Charles Laborde, William Steige, et al.

Categories: Vanity Fair,

Edition: First

Publisher: New York, Conde Nast & Company: 1933

Book Condition: Very Good

Seller ID: 2036